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New Cam Sites that Launched Near the End of 2013

The past year has been a great one for the industry of online video chatting. With numerous additions, fans of cam sites have been given more choice than ever before. Although not all of the new cam sites have been successful, some have managed to break on through and become household names. Whether you’re looking for group chat sites, text chat only or even top ten sites that constantly list the best cam sites of the moment, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Here are 4 of the latest successes in the cam site industry.


Sexchatster was born in late 2013, but don’t let its young age fool you. Within just a couple of months, Sexchatster has been able to move up the ranks and become one of the most visited adult cam sites on the internet. The features provided are what make this site so unique. You get the freedom to do what you wish without ever getting banned and you have the option to pinpoint your search for a specific type of person.


Whether you want to chat with only girls, only boys or even enter a live webcam streaming environment, Sexchatster seems to have it all. A truly complete adult cam site that will only keep rising in popularity.


Another notable cam site to have launched in late 2013 is LiveCam4. This site is a little short on features, but if you’re looking for an excellent group chat environment, you just found it. LiveCam4 doesn’t give you the ability to only chat with girls or to only meet gay boys, but you do get to video chat with multiple people simultaneously.


Simplicity of use makes this new addition to the world of online video chatting a popular choice. If you want to get straight into the action without having to fill out forms or give out your email address, this is a great option.


InstaChatRooms is one of those sites that you just know will be huge. The concept is a million dollar idea and the overall site looks amazing. InstaChatRooms is one of the newest cam sites to have been released and this causes less people to be online. However, you should expect to see spikes in activity on this site within no time because of the amazing job that the creators have done here.


Being able to join support chat groups for dealing with problems such as addictions, depression or even abuse will make this site into a household name within a year’s time. Hundreds of chat rooms to choose from and numerous features make InstaChatRooms worth giving a try.


Cam4sites was also launched in late 2013, but it isn’t your ordinary cam site. In fact, it’s not even a cam site; it’s a directory. When opening up Cam4sites you will be shown the 10 best Cam4 alternatives on the web. This list is updated weekly so that you always know which alternatives are the best to choose from.


You’re given details about each Cam4 alternative and you can even access the alternatives without leaving Cam4sites.com. This makes it a faster way to browse through many cam sites in shorter time spans.