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Top 5 Sites Like Chatroulette

Finding sites like Chatroulette on the internet is simple; all you have to do is type ‘Chatroulette alternatives’ in Google and you’ll see hundreds of them. However, finding the quality sites that are actually worth using is a whole other thing. You’ll most likely find yourself spending hours on each site before realizing that it lacks too many features or costs too much money. Here is a list of the top 5 sites like Chatroulette that are free to use and have the best features available.


ChatRandom is the best option for anyone who is looking for a true Chatroulette alternative. The first feature that you’re presented with is the exact same feature that made the original Chatroulette popular; a random roulette chat via webcam. The wonderful thing about ChatRandom is that is has a handful of other addictive features as well. For instance, if you want to chat via webcam with only girls, you can use their girls chat feature to do so; you won’t ever have to see any guys on cam when using it. Over 50,000 users online at any given moment makes it truly easy to find someone to talk with on ChatRandom


Omegle is another top contender when it comes to finding sites like Chatroulette. This site lets you find other users randomly just like Chatroulette, or you can find users according to interests. For instance, if you type in the word ‘hockey’, you’ll be connected with other users that like playing or watching hockey. You can type any interest that you like and find people this way to have more of a targeted user base. Omegle is a true gem and is worth giving a try.


FunYo is one of the sites that you won’t likely stumble upon on your own, but if you do use this site you’ll fall in love with it within moments. This site give you a Facebook-like experience where you can build a profile and browse the profiles of the other users. However, you still get the random cam connections just like Chatroulette.


Dirtyroulette is the best site like Chatroulette if you enjoy getting naked on cam. Dirtyroulette is the Chatroulette for naked people so if you don’t like seeing genitals, stay away from this site. Obviously you will never get banned for nudity while using this site and the moderators let you have a good time. If you want to have some adult fun, show the world your private parts or watch others get naked on cam, give Dirtyroulette a try.


ChatMasher is another one of the underdog sites that isn’t well-known but has a huge user base. Thousands of users use ChatMasher every day because of the addictive features and great design layout. This random cam site is just like Chatroulette, except it’s for adults only. This means that most of the users are looking for an adult experience where you get naked on cam with one another and have cyber sex.

How to Get People to Talk With You on Chatroulette Sites

Finding random strangers on the internet has become easy ever since Chatroulette was invented, but not getting ‘nexted’ is not as easy. Most people have a tendency to ‘next’ most of the people that they see on cam almost immediately. Knowing how to avoid this from happening to you will allow you to actually get to talk with other random cam users and you may even get to have some fun with them. Here are a couple tips to help you meet strangers on Chatroulette sites without getting ‘nexted’ immediately.

Uniqueness is Key

When someone searches on random cam sites for a stranger to talk with, they want to meet someone unique. If you look boring and just like every other person in society, you will probably get ‘nexted’ immediately. Nobody wants to talk with boring people and it becomes much more easy for people to ‘next’ you online because at the press of a button they will see someone new.

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Become someone interesting and fast. When people see your cam, it will only take a matter of seconds before they decide whether or not to ‘next’ you. Maybe wear someone odd that will get people curious, wear a funny t-shirt or even come up with a funny phrase to say as soon as you see someone new.

Don’t be Rude

More than enough people are rude in real life as it is, the strangers you meet on cam don’t want to be insulted online as well. If you’re rude to them and insult them, they will most likely ‘next’ you immediately. It’s much easier to find people that will want to talk with you when you are polite to them.


Whether you meet girls or boys on random cam sites, remember to be polite with them if you actually want them to stick around. It’s not difficult to be polite and it will bring you lots of great results. You will be able to meet friends and maybe even find true love a lot easier by doing so.

Make a Game Plan

Even though random cam sites aren’t a sport, it’s better to have training before getting started. Before going on cam, write down a few phrases and questions that you will be able to say on cam to others. Questions like “where are you from”, “who’s your favorite actor” or even “what’s your goal for the next 5 years” are all good things to ask people on cam.


By writing down the things that you want to say ahead of time, you will be better prepared and will not get a memory blank when it comes time to actually ask the questions. These can become excellent conversation starters so think of as many as you possibly can.


Why More Boys Use Chatroulette Sites Than Girls

At almost every single random cam site, the girl to boy ratio is quite low. For instance, at Chatrandom, roughly 19% of the users are female and the other 81% of users are males. Other cam sites have even lower amounts of girls online. Most guys wonder why they have so much trouble finding hot girls, or any girl for that matter on random cam sites. Here are some of the reasons why there are so few girls on random cam sites when compared to the amount of boy users.

Boys are Too Direct

Behind a webcam, most guys tend to lose all of their shyness and become way too direct with girls. Girls online are just like girls in the real world; they need to be treated with respect in order to continue talking with them. Since most boys tend to appear naked on cam immediately when you see them, this shows no respect to girls and they seem to be annoyed by it.


Most boys tend to be rude with girls online as well. Asking them to get naked from the moment you meet a girl online isn’t a good idea. Imagine if you were to walk up to a girl on the street and ask her to take off her clothes and start touching herself in front of you; you would get slapped and may even have to deal with cops.

Girls Don’t Have the Same Sexual Needs

Let’s face it; guys have sexual needs that are far bigger than the sexual needs of girls. If a guy doesn’t have intercourse for a single day, he will be rude, have anger issues and become an entirely different person. A girl on the other hand can goes weeks without having sexual pleasures.


This makes it important for guys to find ways to release their tensions and have sexual adventures, be it in the real world or online. The random cam sites are an excellent place for boys with sexual appetites to find hot girls getting naked on cam. Girls on the other hand are more turned on by sensuality rather than by looking at a guy touching his wiener.

The Solution for Finding Girls on Cam Easily

Although there are a lot less girls on cam sites than guys, finding hot girls on cam can become a lot easier than you might think. Some excellent random cam sites like Chatrandom offer features that groups all of the girls into one section. For instance, their Girls Only feature allows you to view only girls on cam without having to look at other guys.


This makes it a lot easier for you to talk with girls online without having to keep pressing the next button until you find one.

Is The Random Cam Industry Rising or Falling?

For over 5 years now, the random cam industry has been exploding on the media, growing in popularity all over the world. However, recently the media has seemed to cover Chatroulette sites a lot less than when it first started out in 2009. Many people tend to think that this lack of media coverage means that the random cam industry is going downwards and that soon, it will disappear from the web. So is the random cam industry rising or is it slowly dying out?

Just like any other major website on the web such as Facebook or YouTube, Chatroulette received a lot of media coverage when it first started out. It was an overnight sensation and thousands of users began using the site on a daily basis. However, just like any of the other major sites, the media got tired of covering it. Facebook and YouTube don’t receive as much attention as they did when they first launched and yet they are still constantly growing.


The same goes for Chatroulette sites; just because they receive less media coverage nowadays, it doesn’t mean that they are falling. However, the original Chatroulette site has failed and many others have as well. Nonetheless, the random cam industry as a whole is growing incredibly fast. The great random cam sites like Chatrandom, Omegle and FunYo are getting more and more daily users every single day. Just a few weeks ago, Chatrandom hit a milestone of over 100k users online at the same time.

Although some sites like the original Chatroulette version and Airtime have failed, the industry altogether is rising rapidly. The best Chatroulette alternatives are taking over and integrating new features all the time. Mobile app versions of their sites are being developed, t-shirts are being designed, new features like Cam4 Chat are being integrated and much more. This makes it easy for users to want to return.


In the end, random cam sites are here to stay because people need to have social interactions and random cam sites allow people to interact socially with people from all over the globe. Facebook only makes it easy for you to chat with the people that you know, whereas Chatroulette sites bring you in direct and instant contact with worldwide strangers.

These platforms allow users to escape from normal society and experience new things without having to deal with consequences. Overcoming shyness, exploring sexualities and finding true love is what Chatroulette sites are all about. These things are important in life and with random cam sites, nobody has to ever be left alone every again. Although some sites in the random cam industry are failing, the industry is growing and the leaders are working hard to keep their users happy and excited about new upgrades.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Chatroulette Alternatives

With so many new Chatroulette alternatives being launched every single year, it becomes difficult to determine which ones are the best. Many factors will make a Chatroulette alternative better than another such as thousands of daily users, innovative features and simplicity of use. Below are the top 5 Chatroulette alternatives that we have gathered for you to make it a lot easier to find the Chatroulette alternatives worth using.



Chatrandom launched in 2011 and in 2013, they officially became the biggest and most used Chatroulette alternative on the web. They now have more users online at any given moment than the original Chatroulette site and their growth is constant. With hundreds of new users every single day, they are only going up.

Recently they have reached 100,000 users online at the same time and this marked a milestone in random cam industry. Their excellent features such as Cam4 Chat, Girls Only Chat, Gays Only Chat and even their elaborate Chat Rooms make Chatrandom a definite Chatroulette alternative worth checking out.

They also offer additional perks such as t-shirt contests on their Facebook page, funny t-shirts for sale on their site, constant blog updates and are regularly updated their site to make it better. This adult only random site definitely deserves the number 1 spot on our list of Chatroulette alternatives.



For years, Chatroulette and Omegle have been battling it out to become the leaders in this industry. As the original Chatroulette began banning users for no good reason and adding ridiculous restrictions, Omegle took over.

Omegle makes it easy for you to choose between an adult only version of their site or a G rated version. This gives users who want to get naked on cam the ability to do so in the adult version without having to worry about getting banned.

To make things even better, Omegle allows you to find other random strangers according to interests. By adding a few of your interests, you will be matched with users who have the same interests as you. This feature is unique to Omegle and allows you to have more control over the strangers that you meet online. For this, Omegle deserves the 2nd spot on our list of Chatroulette alternatives.



Chatroulettesites.com has become a leader in amount of daily users, but it’s not like the other random cam sites. Rather than providing you access to random strangers directly from their website, they bring you a list of the best Chatroulette alternatives on the web.

This website deserves the 3rd spot on our list because it really becomes helpful for regular random cam users. This website deserves to be bookmarked because it’s constantly updated and modified so that you get the best random cam sites on the web.

They handpick each site that is placed on their top 20 list of Chatroulette alternatives and they try out every one of the sites on a daily basis in order to make sure that their list is always up to date.



FunYo has brought an innovative touch to the world of random cams by creating a half Chatroulette – half Facebook like environment. Users enjoy using FunYo because it’s a social network along with random cam capabilities.

By signing up on FunYo.com you will get to build a profile and even browse through the profiles of other users. If you find a profile that you like, you can begin chatting via webcam with that person. Many view FunYo as an upgraded dating site because it truly allows you to pinpoint the people that you want to talk with according to their profiles.

They have many cool features such as Group Chat and Girl Chat. You can also view photos of other users, read their interests or simply enter a public chat room to talk with many other users at the same time. For this, FunYo deserves the 4th spot on our list of Chatroulette alternatives.



If getting naked on cam is your thing, don’t bother with most of the other Chatroulette sites; use DirtyRoulette instead. DirtyRoulette.com is the best random cam website for people that want to get undressed and have adult pleasures on cam. They self-proclaim themselves as being the Chatroulette for naked people and they are right about that.

With thousands of daily users, it becomes incredibly simple to find naked people who are just looking for some fun. Best of all, they made their user interface incredibly simple to use and with the press of a button, you can begin browsing through cams of naked people from all over the world.

Whether you want to see naked babes or naked guys, DirtyRoulette is the place for you. Because of its freedom of nudity and its huge amount of daily users, DirtyRoulette.com deserves the 5th spot on our list of Chatroulette alternatives.

Why So Many Chatroulette Alternatives?

Chatroulette alternatives seem to pop up on the internet every single day. Last year alone there have been hundreds of new Chatroulette start-ups. Most of these new Chatroulette alternatives have failed miserably almost immediately after launching. Although many of these alternatives have been able to attract visitors; most of them have been unable to satisfy their visitor’s needs. So why do so many new Chatroulette alternatives exist if only a small handful of them are actually successful?


Original Chatroulette is to Blame

Most of the Chatroulette alternatives are created because of the original Chatroulette’s lack of being able to satisfy their users. When the original Chatroulette site began integrating restrictions and banning people for nudity, use of vulgar language and many other reasons, people started searching for other random cam sites.


Many webmasters saw the untapped potential and began created alternatives that would offer users more freedom with better features. If the original Chatroulette site would have avoided adding their regulations and removing the freedom that most users loved, they would probably have monopolized the entire industry just like YouTube did for online video sharing. However, their failure to listen to users caused the users to look for other, better sites in the random cam industry.

Rebirth of the Random Cam Industry

When Chatroulette started losing their users, the industry as a whole had to be reborn. It had to be changed or at the very least, brought back to the way it was when users had the freedom to get nude on cam without getting banned. The industry was reborn through Chatroulette alternatives that began offering users new features such as Chatrandom’s Cam4 Chat or FunYo’s social network like environment in a random cam site.

These new features are used in adult only environments which allows users to regain their online freedom of expression. A bigger and better random cam industry was born while leaving the original Chatroulette behind. However, like most aspects of life, only a few Chatroulette alternatives became successful.

Why Most Chatroulette Alternatives Fail

Chatroulette alternatives that have succeeded in the random cam industry are those that have created their own unique code. The founders of these sites knew that they had to bring something entirely different and new to the table if they wanted to become the leaders. FunYo, Omegle, Chatrandom, DirtyRoulette, GayPage and the other leaders have all created their own code.

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Most people think that they can simply copy another site’s code and make millions of dollars in this industry. However, the leaders already exist and these sites actually listen to their user’s needs. For instance, Chatrandom is constantly upgrading their site and adding new features without adding restrictions, so users don’t have the need to go to another website. This removes the need for new Chatroulette alternatives.

Basically, there are so many new Chatroulette sites on the internet all the time because most people think that Chatroulette still needs to be replaced. Many people believe that this is still an untapped industry. However, the leaders such as Omegle and Chatrandom are already in place and offer their users everything they need.

Chatroulette : Success & Failure


Chatroulette has become one of the biggest websites on the internet, and then it failed. Although it received a major amount of media coverage and the popularity of Chatroulette grew immensely over-night, it is no longer the best in the random cam industry. Nonetheless, the random cam industry is still growing at a rapid pace and is soon to become the largest and most popular type of social network on the web. So what caused the original Chatroulette site to gained so much success and then lose almost of its users within months?

Chatroulette – The Early Days


When Andrey Ternovskiy came up with the brilliant idea to match random strangers through webcams, he became famous. His fame came through all of the media coverage that Chatroulette gained. This new and innovative idea caused everyone to fall in love with the new communicated method. Being instantly connected visually with strangers from all over the world was an overnight sensation. People of all ages, cultures and walks of life were meeting up on Chatroulette for socialization purposes.

Chatroulette was a place where you could live free from societal norms and restrictions. People could get naked on cam in front of others and nobody would send them to jail for indecent exposure. You were free to explore your sexuality and be as rude as you wanted with other without ever having any consequences. This was a big hit for most people and became a place where people would go to misbehave, have virtual sexual adventures and even search for love. Even celebrities began using Chatroulette.

The Decline of Chatroulette


All good things must come to an end isn’t always true, but it is for Chatroulette. However, many agree that Chatroulette became their own worst enemy. Chatroulette began losing all of their members because they failed to offer new features, perks and new ways for the random cam industry to progress. When you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards and Chatroulette’s stillness caused them to fail.

However, the fact that they added little to no new features isn’t the only reason why they failed; they also added too many restrictions. These restrictions took away all of the freedom that users were looking for on random cam sites to begin with. By banning people who got nude on cam, people who were rude and even people who seemed like they weren’t a good fit for the site, Chatroulette lost its users little by little.


Then There Were Two


As Chatroulette began plunging to the ground and losing its users, new Chatroulette sites were being built. As the users of the original Chatroulette saw all of their freedoms disappear, new Chatroulette alternatives were created. Sites like Omegle, Chatrandom, Dirtyroulette, FunYo and many more were launched, offering users the original freedom with little to no restrictions.

By making their websites adult only sites, they didn’t have to worry about banning users who got naked. This filled in a gap that Chatroulette left behind and soon, these sites became much more popular than the original founder of this industry. Chatrandom for instance, became a more visited website than Chatroulette in early 2013 and since then it has only experienced constant growth. The same goes for most of the other major Chatroulette alternatives.

In the end, Chatroulette created an industry and lost it to their competition. They became their own worst enemy and their results are reflected by their lack of effort. Had they listened to the demands of their users, maybe they would still be a leader in this industry to this day. However, they ignored their users and now suffer the consequences.